Consignor Info

Changes are coming!
We are currently NOT accepting new consignors.
Check back soon for updates!!

We are currently ONLY accepting the following:

Furniture (Send us a picture.)
Large and Small Household Items
Spring and Summer Clothing - All Sizes (no more than 25 pieces total per consignor)
Clothing Accessories and Jewelry
Toys and Games
Infant Items
Vintage Items
Any Summer Items

We are NOT accepting the following:
Stuffed Animals
Collector Dolls
Baby Beds and Changing Tables
Bedding (unless it is new in the package)
 Curtains (unless they are new in the package)
VHS Tapes
TVs manufactured before 2009
Built-In Lighting Items

Are you considering consigning or do you already have an appointment?  ConsignNashville has shoppers looking for the following items:  Red Metal Tricycle, Children's Table with 2 Chairs, Brighton Jewelry, Set of Silverware, Vintage Men's and Women's Bicycles, Vintage Front Porch Glider, Musical Instruments, Stemless Wine Glasses, Men's Perry Ellis Pullover Shirts with Plain Necks.

Seasonal Items are accepted based on the following calendar:


Months Accepted


 January - early March


 March - June


 June - August


August - September


September - early December


 livepreview[4] - CopyDo I need to schedule a drop off time?
Yes, we will NOT accept items without an appointment!  Please email or fill out the form on the "How To Consign" page.  You need to set your appointment date approximately 1 month before you plan on dropping off items.

livepreview[4] - CopyWill you accept all of my items?
No.  Don't be offended if we say No Thank You to some of your items.  We MUST be very picky about what we accept!  We only want the very best for our shoppers.   Please note that a very minimal amount of clothing will be accepted (25 pieces maximum per consignor).  Only bring your best items.  Please do not question items we will not accept.  We only accept items WE think will sell in our shop.

We will not accept any items that have ODORS, STAINS, DUST, or DIRT.  If it's unclean or looks used, we will NOT accept it.

 livepreview[4] - CopyWhat items can I sell?
You can sell just about anything with ConsignNashville.  ONLY BRING YOUR BEST ITEMS!  We are VERY picky about what we accept.  We accept the following items:

image001Clothing (Only a minimal number of pieces will be taken.):
1.  Clothing should be of excellent quality.  Currently, we are not accepting brands from Mart stores (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc.)
2.  Clothing items must be in pristine condition and
must be current and in-style.
3. All items must be on wire hangers.  Use safety pins when necessary.  Pants and skirts MUST be pinned to the hangers hanging straight down.  Pants should NOT be folded over.
4.  Buttons must be buttoned, zippers must be zipped, etc.
5. All items must be hung with the hanger point pointing to the left when the item is lying on the table in front of you. The hanger should look like a question mark. (?)
6.  Clothing must be odorless and without stains or tears.
7.  Each hanger must be individually listed on the Inventory Intake Form.

1.  Shoes must be clean and fashionable.
2.  We will NOT accept shoes with scuffed toes.
3.  Each pair of shoes must be individually listed on the Inventory Intake Form.

image001Children’s Toys:
1.  Toys must be clean and include all parts and pieces. It is a good idea to secure small pieces in a ziploc-type bag and tape it closed
Toys requiring batteries must have batteries and be in working condition.
3.  Be sure to wipe all dirt and dust from the toys.
4. Each toy must be individually listed on the Inventory Intake Form.

 image001Children’s Large Items:
1.  Instruction manuals are a great selling point.  If you don’t have instructions, download them from the internet to include with your item.
2.  If your item has multiple pieces, please secure them together with tie-wraps or use multiple 3x5 cards to label each piece (be sure to include how many of how many on each card: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5, etc.)
3.  Each large item must be individually listed on the Inventory Intake Form. 
image001Household Furnishings including Used Furniture:
1.   It is easier to email or bring in a photo of a large item before you bring it to consign.  If we have to say No Thank You, it is much easier to take a photo back home instead of a large item.
If your item has multiple pieces, please secure them together with tie-wraps or use multiple 3x5 cards to label each piece. (Be sure to include how many of how many on each card: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5, etc.)
3.  Home furnishings
must be clean and in new to near-new condition.  Be sure to wipe your items! 
NOTE: Due to insurance restrictions, we no longer accept BABY BEDS or CHANGING TABLES.

image001Household Accessories:
1.  If your item has multiple pieces, please secure them together with tie-wraps or use multiple 3x5 cards to label each piece.  (Be sure to include how many of how many on each card: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5, etc.)
2.  Household Accessories
must be clean and in new to near-new condition. Be sure to wipe your items!


livepreview[4] - CopyHow long will you keep my items?

Our Consignment Period is 90 days.  We continue to market your items for 90 days with the following discount periods:  Day 1-45 - Full Price, Day 46-75 - 25% Off, Day 76-90 - 50% Off.


livepreview[4] - CopyHow much can I earn?

All consignors earn 50% of the sales price of every item sold.  If you choose to have a representative of ConsignNashville fill out your Inventory Intake Form, you will receive 40% of the sales price of your items.


livepreview[4] - CopyDo you have Special Sales or Discounts?

Yes, we do occasionally have store-wide sales.  Also, we have store-wide Clearance Sales in January and July where your items may be discounted an additional 25% of the current selling price.  Keep this in mind when you are deciding when to drop off your items!  We reserve the right to discount all Discountable items at any time in order to keep our merchandise moving and our shoppers happy.


livepreview[4] - CopyWhat happens to items I do not pick up?

Any items not picked up within 10 days from the end of the Consignment Period will become the property of ConsignNashville to be resold or donated at the discretion of ConsignNashville.

livepreview[4] - CopyTagging Instructions

All items must be listed on an Inventory Intake Form.  ConsignNashville prints tags from the Inventory Intake Form.  IT IS MUCH EASIER IF YOU EMAIL THIS FORM to before your appointment time.


livepreview[4] - CopyPricing

You price your items any way you want.  Prices must be listed on the Inventory Intake Form.  If you are willing to let your item be discounted, this must also be noted on the Inventory Intake Form.  You should take into account the condition of the item.  Try to think of the pricing as what you would pay for it.

livepreview[4] - CopyWhat if I decide I do not want my items to be discounted after I marked Discount on my Inventory Intake Form?

ConsignNashville will NOT allow changes to pricing, discounting, or pick up/donations after items have been dropped off.  Once you submit your Inventory Intake Form, that information can not be changed.

livepreview[4] - CopyTips and Hints



image001Clean, Clean, Clean - If it will fit in the washing machine, wash it. OxiClean can make a huge difference. A quick swipe with an iron will do wonders. Febreeze helps with odors. Armor All adds a nice shine. Baby oil removes yucky sticker goo. Try rubbing alcohol on permanent marker stains. I love Greased Lightning.  Don't forget about Baby Wipes and Magic Erasers!

image001Batteries - Buy batteries when they are on sale and stock up.

image001Seasonal Items - Bring in Season Items early in the season.  Plan ahead for maximum profit!

livepreview[4] - CopyLoss/Theft/Damage

Things happen. We do our best to prevent loss, theft, and damage. As a consignor, you must sign a waiver stating that ConsignNashville is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage for consigned items.

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